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When Can I Book my MOT Retest?

One of the worst feelings as a driver is receiving the news that your car has failed its MOT. You know you need a valid MOT to drive on public roads – so how on earth does an MOT retest work? And does it cost extra? Hopefully, this short guide will give you all the answers you need.

So, when can you book your MOT retest?

Anytime after your failed MOT – but the sooner the better

Without a valid MOT certificate, you can’t drive your car. The only exception is if you’re on your way to a pre-booked appointment. If your car failed its latest MOT, there’s always a reason for it. Perhaps your brake lights weren’t working? Maybe your windscreen has a chip? Whatever it is, make sure you get your car ready for an MOT retest as soon as you can.

It’s always your responsibility to organise your retest with the garage, but the process is fairly simple and usually takes less than a day to complete.

What’s the retest process?

At the end of your failed MOT test, the tester will present you with a VT30 which is a ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’. This details why your car failed the test and what repairs it needs to pass the retest. If you look at this document and feel the failure is harsh or unjustified, you have the option to appeal. Just ask for a VT17 form which explains how to do so. If you plan to appeal your MOT result, you still can’t use your vehicle until the process is resolved.

Then, the garage completes the repairs once you agree to them. If you choose a qualified MOT station, such as any of the Badminstons Group, your repairs happen on site and we start them as soon as possible!

Free MOT retest with Badminstons Group!

You’re entitled to a free MOT retest should your car fail for any of the following items: bonnet, boot lid, brake pedal antislip, indicators, doors, dropsides, fuel filler cap, hazard warning lights, horn, lamps, loading door, mirrors, rear reflectors, registration plates, seat belts, seats, sharp edges, steering wheel, tailboard, tailgate, VIN, windscreen and glass, wipers and washers or wheels and tyres. This applies if we retest your vehicle within 1 working day of the original failure.

If your car fails for any other reason, you’re entitled to a partial retest if we retest your vehicle within 10 working days of failure. This only applies if we complete all your repairs onsite and completed your original MOT test.

If you decide to take your vehicle elsewhere for repairs, you may still receive a free retest. If it fails for any of the items mentioned above and you return it for a retest within 1 working day, we offer a free retest. For any other repairs, we charge a partial retest fee if you return it to us within 10 working days of the original failure. If you require an MOT retest for any other reason, our standard MOT fee applies as it is a full, standard test.

At the end of the day, if you entrust your MOT test to the friendly mechanics at any of Badminstons Group’s workshops in Hampshire, you’ll always be informed of your rights should you require an MOT retest. For high-quality, professional work, book online today!